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60 credits (Cores 18 + Electives 30 + Capstone 12)


To fulfill the graduation requirement, students should complete a total of 60 units and pass in all the courses taken. The 60 credit units are comprised of 8 courses (each at 6 credit units, with 3 core courses and 5 elective courses), and a capstone project (12 credit units). Click here for a course list.


The Master of Arts in the Field of Translation curriculum consists of 8 lecture courses (2 cores and 6  electives), 3 workshop courses (1 core and 2 electives) and a project as the capstone experience. A range of 120-180 hours of student learning activities (including both contact hours and all other forms of student learning activities) is the norm for a 6-credit course. Students must complete 240-360 hours of student learning activities (including  both contact hours and  all other forms of student learning activities) for the 12-credit capstone project. Contact hours are normally 24 for a 6-credit course. For the capstone project, which requires individual face-to-face supervision, contact hours are normally in the range of 4 to 8. The curriculum has a minimum study load of 1,200 hours, of which 196 to 200 are contact hours.    


  1. Lecture Courses (6 credits)
    Two core and six elective Translation courses are all conducted in the form of lectures. They are  intended to equip students with professional translation skills and academic knowledge of   Translation studies. Assessment for these courses is by 100% coursework, which may take the form of   written assignments, in-class activities including oral presentations and tests, and/or other   prescribed work with a total output of approximately 2,500 words.    


  1. Workshop Courses (6 credits)
    One core and two elective Interpreting courses are taught in the form of workshops designed to train  students to develop into work-ready professional interpreters. Assessment for these courses is  basically by 100% coursework, based on students’ weekly in-class performance in interpreting   exercises, tests and other prescribed work, while one workshop course will require students to take   an examination, which accounts for 30% of the total marks.


  1. Capstone Experience: Translation/Interpreting Project (12 credits)
    This course aims to prepare graduates for a career in translation, interpreting or academic research.   Students will undertake a translation or an interpreting project under the supervision of a teacher.   Assessment is based on a Translation project with a total output of 7,000 words (English) or 8,000   characters (Chinese), or an Interpreting project with a total output of 5000 words (English) or 6,000   characters (Chinese).


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