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The Master of Arts in the field of Translation (MAT) Programme aims to equip students for such careers as translators, interpreters, copywriters, editors, language teachers and academic researchers, with an emphasis on Hong Kong's translation and interpreting markets and its unique academic conventions which integrate insights from Chinese and Western research.


The Translation courses offer both practical and academic training, teaching commercial, legal, media, and public administration translation techniques, as well as the cultural, linguistic and general theoretical aspects of translation. The Interpreting courses focus on skills of conference and legal interpreting, which are essential in both private and public sectors in Hong Kong.


The programme includes a capstone experience which provides an opportunity for students to put into practice what they have learned from the various courses of the programme by undertaking a Translation or an Interpreting project under the individual supervision of a teacher. In Hong Kong, our programme is the ONLY one which offers ALSO the Interpreting capstone project for students to choose as their graduation project.


  • International Research Vision
    A significant portion of our teachers are full-time professors, who have contributed substantially to the international reputation of HKU with their magnificent work of scholarship and global vision. They will help students develop research techniques and critical thinking by exploring translation from cultural, linguistic, and theoretical perspectives. After attending their courses, not only will students be able to translate to a professional standard, but also they will know how to conduct research at an international level, which is essential to translation and interpreting studies as well as mid-senior level jobs which require extraordinary analytical skills and global vision.


  • Professional Experience
    Our part-time Lecturers have been professional translators and/or interpreters for two to three decades, in addition to their considerable teaching experience at the professional, undergraduate and/or postgraduate level. They will guide students through the learning journeys of translation and interpreting with their practical experience and insider knowledge.


  • One-to-one Project Supervision
    The capstone project requires each student to translate a text or analyse an interpreting video under the supervision of a teacher. Each student will receive individual attention to their work and learning progress.



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