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MAT Programme

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Programme Structure

Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

  1. Demonstrate specialised knowledge in Translation and Interpreting Studies; display good research skills in the discipline.
  2. Show ingenuity in solving translation and interpreting problems by opening a dialogue between theory and practice.
  3. Be able to explain different kinds of translation phenomena with theoretical knowledge and to meet the ever-changing market demands for translation and interpreting.
  4. Demonstrate the ability to translate or interpret the same text for different target readers/audience ranging from specialists (e.g. judges and barristers) to the general public.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to negotiate professionally with clients on the goals and methods of translation or interpreting; demonstrate the ability to address ethical issues and resolve ethical dilemmas in translation/interpreting in a professional manner.


66 credits (Cores 18 + Electives 36 + Capstone 12) 

Module 1

Core courses (6 credit units each, compulsory)
Course Code Course Name
CHIN 7201 Advanced Translation Studies (6 credits)
CHIN 7202 Approaches to Translation (6 credits)
CHIN 7203 Introduction to Interpreting (6 credits)

Module 2

Elective Courses (6 credit units each, choose 6 out of 13)
Course Code Course Name
CHIN 7204 Language Contrast for Translators (6 credits)
CHIN 7205 Culture and Translation (6 credits)
CHIN 7206 Translation of Government and Commercial Texts (6 credits)
CHIN 7207 Legal Translation (6 credits)
CHIN 7208 Mass Media Translation (6 credits)
CHIN 7209 English-Cantonese Conference Interpreting (SI) (6 credits)
CHIN 7210 English-Cantonese Legal Interpreting (CI) (6 credits)
CHIN 7212 Translation of Music Writings and Lyrics (6 credits)
CHIN 7213 Financial Translation (6 credits)
CHIN 7214 Subtitling in Film, Television and Beyond (6 credits)
CHIN 7215 Translation of Social Science Writing (6 credits)
CHIN 7216 Literary Translation: Chinese to English (6 credits)
CHIN 7217 Literary Translation: English to Chinese (6 credits)

Module 3

Capstone experience (12 credit units each, compulsory)
Course Code Course Name
CHIN 7996 Capstone Experience: Translation / Interpreting Project (12 credits)


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